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Starting a small business from scratch in 2022 is no easy plight but when you love something and you have a dream and a vision then you will do what you can to make it come to fruition. The space in which Mar Interiors was birthed was a space with great potential but needed quite a bit of work to get it to be a functional and useable space. It was originally designed to be a car park but since then it has seen a few business including a video club and even a church!

The design concept for Mar Interiors was pretty simple. We Just wanted a fun, colourful and rustic vibe with pops of colours with featured walls and sections. It is a multifunctional space (shop, design studio, craft and furniture restoration space and even a therapy office). Thankfully the space had running water and electricity already so that ticked those vital things off the list, the rest was going to take a creative imagination, some construction and a lot of elbow grease.

Mar Interiors shop

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